stephen nicholls

housing and architecture

Architectural images, more than any other area of photography, are about composition and light, positive and negative space, contrasts of stark revealing expanses and warm, cosy nooks.
Our photography can help highlight your great concepts and practical design, or your visionary use of building material. We produce images of interiors and exteriors, landscaped gardens, finely carved marble kitchens and rough contemporary finishes, photographs that help reflect your perspective on design.
Whether it's an entire building or simply a bathroom vanity we focus on what's important to you and on producing the best photography to show the world what you can do.
Please contact us on 08 9203 5159 or email to request a quote or discuss how our photography can help promote your business and improve your portfolio. We're also just here to help if you need some advice on anything from lighting to arranging furniture for a photo shoot, call us at any time.
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