stephen nicholls

corporate portraits

Let's be honest, corporate portraits can be difficult. Very few people like having their picture taken, and even fewer like the usual end result, a frozen expression and rigid pose caught on camera and displayed in an Annual Report, on a website or in the media for all to see.
Without being cheesy, we produce natural looking portraits and headshots that you will be proud to display to the public, portraits that you will actually like and dynamic images that show off the best of human resources in your organisation.
We come out to your offices or to a location of your choosing. You can select a plain paper backdrop as a background to your photos, or give your pictures some context by getting your portraits taken in your work environment or on location.
Have your portraits taken individually, as a team or as a group. You can look directly to camera or we can photograph you in a business scenario, whatever the situation we work with you to produce compelling and natural portraits.
Please call us on 08 9203 5159 or email for more information or to have us quote for your portraits. We're also happy to help advise you on any other photographic enquiry you might have.
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